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Galmia SA
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Recouvrement galvanique soigneux

Precise electroplating coating

Präzise galvanische Beschichtung



Galmia SA swiss plating is a company specialising in electroplating processes. Galmia is located in Düdingen in Canton Freiburg, easily accessible from the motorway A12. How to find us.

Our installations are designed for turned and blanked parts which require a very precise electroplating coating. Such parts may be found in the electrical, watch making and car industry as well as in equipment manufacturing.

Galmia SA is a reliable partner who is always available for you, searching and providing innovative solutions.


Electroplating is the electrochemical deposition of metallic coatings on other objects. In electroplating, current is passed through an electrolytic bath. The electric current thereby dissipates metal ions from the consumption electrode and deposits them on the workpiece by reduction. Thus, the object to be finished is uniformly coated with the metal on all sides.



Quality assurance is very important in electroplating. In order to ensure high production quality, we analyse  various parameters. We measure the thickness of the coating layer by means of various processes. Quality is at the heart of our corporate culture. To satisfy the quality requirements of its customers, Galmia SA subjects its production to rigorous […]



We are treating sensitive parts which require even and good penetration in the bore holes (for example plug-in parts or parts for the electrical and electronics industry). Our plating is also suitable for decorative parts. Our coatings: copper nickel gold further processes according to your requirements.